What Is ScanCode Workbench?

ScanCode Workbench is a desktop application designed to view and work with ScanCode Toolkit scans. With ScanCode Workbench, you can:

  • Load a ScanCode Toolkit .json scan of your codebase.

  • Use an advanced visual UI to analyze license and other notices identified by ScanCode Toolkit.

  • Record your conclusions about the effective license(s) for a component or package.

  • Easily export your conclusions as a .json file.

Organization of the Documentation

This documentation is organized in six sections:

  • The Getting Started section – the suggested entry point for all new users – will walk you through the process of downloading, installing and opening ScanCode Workbench and loading a ScanCode Toolkit scan.

  • The How-To Guides section contains feature-specific guides and can be read in any order as the need arises.

  • The UI Reference section provides an overview of each of ScanCode Workbench’s data views.

  • The Technical Reference section summarizes ScanCode Workbench’s underlying technology and platform support.

  • The Contribute section is intended for advanced users and contributors to ScanCode Workbench development.

  • The License section provides summary licensing information for ScanCode Workbench.